At Cycling Saviour, we create first aid kits specifically designed for cyclists.

The founder is a keen cyclist and a doctor for more than 30 years. He first noticed a need for high quality first aid materials when providing medical cover to a cycling sportive. Over the next five years, he logged all the accidents faced by his local cycling club, analysing all incidents and providing a tailored first aid course to the club.

He found that existing first aid kits weren't tailored specifically to cycling and often provided inappropriate or even incorrect medical items, that were being used in dangerous scenarios.

The kits we provide are a combination of three decades of medical experience and a catalogue of the most common cycling incidents. All of the contents are CE certified and of the highest quality. As well as this, we supply you with a user guide, to help you understand how to use the contents in the most common scenarios (see the 'User Guide' tab, click here, or scan the QR code on the product box/label).

We hope you find our products as useful as we have.